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Caitlin Seep


When I started this journey with Brett, I thought I was at a place of "this is just the way my body is going to be". I worked out 30-40 minutes five days a week and thought I was eating pretty healthy. Brett opened my eyes to a new view on food. I now realize the benefits of balancing my food choices and how good that can make my body feel. I've lost the extra bloat I was carrying around and feel really good now. The best part is this journey has taught me how to feel this way long term and not a starve yourself diet. I have really enjoyed the workouts as well. They have helped me build my muscles and make me feel stronger. The education on good foods, the workout program, the reflection piece, and my picture check ins have held me accountable so that I can feel good mentally and physically.  

Never forget how wildly capable you are .


the change is yours to make.

the growth is yours.

you have to be proud of you.

you have to believe you can.

it starts & end with you.

161 lb 12/17/22

144 lb 05/27/23

When you take time for yourself the transformation is endless.Yes, working out is a big part of change but learning to love yourself at any stage it powerful. Your body can change and you may never feel happy because it takes more than working out. You should workout, find love for yourself, and do things that bring you joy. Life is to short to push yourself to be perfect. PERFECT is not real life, the only thing that can bring you real joy is loving who you are for the IMPERFECT. Then you will see the change you always wanted. 

come as

you are

Caitlin was committed to her self growth the moment she signed up for my program. The last 6 months Caitlin not only changed her physical appearance. She also trusted the full process of the program. She went into the program fully & knew it wouldn't be easy. Caitlin found time to journal & meditate for her mental health. She took time out of her week to do something that brought her joy like making signs, tables, or even prepare a delicious meal.  

161 lb 12/17/22

144 lb 05/27/23

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