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She found a  
That's the true definition of
within herself
Functional Strength
Everyday Movments

Functional strength refers to the ability of your muscles to work together to perform everyday movements & tasks effectively. I believe that the body is built to move & do so many incredible things. When we move it, like we would in everyday life. The body is meant to move in different ways & do much more than just one form of exercise. One example is if all you do is lift heavy weights day in and day out without mobility stretching, you will find yourself stiff. That goes for the other ways too. If you are so flexible & you don't do any strength you can find yourself with joint problems. Find the best way to train your body with me. My favorite way is through functional movements where you use all aspects of strength, mobility, & even throw in some yoga or pilates. 

Move your body instinctively my love

we cannot SHAME ourselves into
we can only LOVE ourselves into

"you Being uncomfortable is a Sign of your Transformation"

Move with me

Join me for a bikini butt each Thursday at 5:30 pm

This virtual class is through P2O Hot Pilates & Fitness, you can sign up through the Mind Body app or sign up below.

(916) 449-2720

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