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Remember WHY You Started

My why is I believe that every human is creative! I also think we need more creative humans in this world. I think that somewhere down the road to adulthood we suppressed our inner joy and shine. I truly believe that we all have something to show the world. This life is too short to hide your shine behind your day to day job or the story that you're telling yourself. YOU'RE ALLOWED TO BE BIG, BRIGHT, & BEAUTIFUL!!! When you SHINE it gives others around you permission to SHINE as well. 




Creative Mindset Program 

Create, Mindset, Movement, & Nutrition these are all the ways I believe you will make it to your goals.  This program is a 6 month commitment and it's a month to month payment process. What you will get is a more creative, healed, and confident version of you. I promise to support your journey in finding you're creative outlet, a deeper happier version of you, and grow confidence. I pray that you're vulnerable and you find your courage on the other side my  Love


Thank you for stopping by!

Prices vary on art & interior design.

 Shoot me an email about rates, projects, and any inquires you have.


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Brett Chantel


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