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Virtual Workshop

Water Color & Flow

Hello beautiful souls,

Welcome to Water Color & Flow

I came up with the idea for this workshop like many of my other ideas. It always starts with me in bed trying to sleep but failing. 

This started out just as a painting class. As I was going through yoga teacher training it quickly blossomed into a yoga / art workshop. 

The workshop is going to include meditation, sketching, water color painting, and power vinyasa yoga flow. The workshop will be 3 hours.

Water Color & Flow
Virtual Workshop 
Date: Sunday August 6th Time: 9AM - 12PM
What you will need



Two large jars :

 one for cleaning your brushes 

second one for clean water

Water color paint :

you can get the paint form Micheals or Amazon

Paint brushes :

again you can get these from Micheals or Amazon

Canvas or Water color paper :

Follow your heart both will work and you're going to find these at Micheals / Amazon.

The size I like to start with is 8x10 

Fine tip pen :

I like black but again follow you heart get other colors if you have something in mind that you want bring to life. Micheals and Amazon have these too.

Towels :

One for under your painting and another to dry your brushes. 



Yoga Mat

Yoga Blocks



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